About me

My name is Jernej Gorički. I graduated from college in Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana Slovenia. With background knowledge of C/C++ my weapon of choice are C# & Java . I worked as a freelancer with focus on desktop and web applications for exclusive customers in Automation and Test & Measurement Industry like Metrel d.d., Iskra Impuls d.o.o. and Korona engineering d.d..

In 2015 I moved to London and started working in Legal and Finance Industry. At the moment I work for First Derivatives as a senior developer.

About this blog

For many artists the act of destroying their work played an important role in their career. Embarrassing early creations they would like to forget about, artistic rebirth and doubt in their work all left them remains (ideas) which they would gradually incorporate into new pieces.

What do artists have in common with developers? Metaphors play a key role in constructing concepts and terminology especially in the world of Object Oriented Programming. They also give you insight into programming problems and processes. As the title of a fundamental monograph implies computer programming is an art hence developers are all artists.

The only thing I love to do more than write code is delete code.  Deleting code brings me inner peace and joy.  Deleting code is violating the law of entropy and setting the universe right.


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